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Working in television since 1986, I've pointed my fair share of studio cameras at people and things. Whether I was operating it as a studio crew member, or directing others later on as a show director, I never gave it a second thought that it would become a hobby one day. I moved to Colorado 15 years ago from the Midwest, and once you start driving around the Rockies and hiking all the glorious trails this state has to offer, photography starts to inevitably creep in. I finally gave into the bug fully about 5 years ago.

I've often told people that I think a chimpanzee could take good photos in a state this beautiful... I mean, have you looked around Colorado?? I have a number of companies I work with at a wholesale level to bring you super low prices. Whether it's prints, canvases, elk jerky, stamps, coins or fine wines, I pass the savings along to you. To be fair, I may have made up four of the six things in that last sentence.. let's just move on shall we?

I'd rather sell 10 images at a low cost than 1 super-expensive piece. I remember my first sale vividly, and the pleasure I get when someone decides to get something to put in their home/office/treehouse hasn't diminished one iota in the two years or so that I've been selling my work.

I have 500 or so places on my Colorado "Photography Bucket List" so I've got plenty to do, see and photograph… If you come along for the journey, so much the better... remember to call "shotgun"...I'm driving.

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February 2013
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